Grisha Balasanyan

Hetq Article Spurs Armavir Governor to Look Into Cancellation of Taxes by Metzamor Town Council

Based on a November 19, 2016 Hetq article claiming that the municipal council of the town of Metzamor had cancelled 1.136 million AMD in taxes owned by five residents, including four council members, Armavir Provincial Governor Ashot Ghahramanyan has written to Metzamor Mayor Robert Grigoryan to rescind the decision.

It was Grigoryan who petitioned the council to annul the back taxes (property, land and car registration) owned by the five residents.

Governor Ghahramanyan says his office has frequently sent notices to local officials reminding them not to allow violations of local governance regulations stipulating that council members cannot participate in votes that impact themselves and family members.

Hetq has been unable to get a response from the Metzamor mayor’s office as to how the back taxes will be paid.

Photo: Armavir Governor Ashot Ghahramanyan