Diana Ghazaryan

HAK's Aram Manoukyan: Describes Fellow MPs as Grasshoppers Jumping to and Fro for a Parliament Seat

Armenian National Congress (HAK) MP Aram Manoukyan told reporters today that 60% of the country’s legislators would prefer a parliament where they could sit and do nothing.

Arguing that most MPs lack any principles other than spending large amounts of taxpayer money, Manoukyan lambasted many of his colleagues for doing nothing more than pressing buttons when a bill comes up for a vote.

Manoukyan said he could say the names of thirty current MPs and none of the reporters present would know who they are. “This parade of irresponsibility has gotten bigger,” he said.

Describing Armenia’s political landscape as replete with buffoonery, he described MPs as grasshoppers jumping to and fro just to wind up with a seat in parliament.

Manoukyan accused the country’s political parties and alliances for making grandiose promises in the run-up to the April 2 parliamentary election without explaining how they propose to achieve them.

“All their platforms are the same. We must do this or that. We must cut corruption, must cut migration, must solve the Karabakh conflict, etc. It’s a campaign of desires,” Manoukyan argued.

Using numbers to depict what the situation in Armenia is today, Manoukyan said, “The number of school pupils has dropped by 100,000 in the past ten years. Their number has dropped from 602,000 to 360,000 in the past eighteen years. Armenia has 250,000 less pupils than 17 years ago. If we divide this number by two, it means we have that many fewer boys to serve in the army.”

Manoukyan said that the Armenian National Congress is the only party to present a comprehensive vision of the country’s future development.