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Nune Hakhverdyan

“Cinema is always dealing with the memory machine”, Atom Egoyan



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armand godard
When are we going to get over the wooden films of Egoyan? Calendar was great but his time has long passed. Even here, he refers to memory as a 'machine' some kind of artificial construct which says so much about how rigid his cinema and thinking are. Calendar was a beautiful exception to his mostly failed recent filmography, yet he continues to milk the state-supported Canadian film industry and the genocide as a historic topic and engages is endless navel-gazing. Hey, just make good films like Cronenberg. Study his films and see how organic they are; how compelling they are.
Clarisse Bouzukian
Epouventable. Un réalisateur dont la technique est au moins correcte mais qui fait des films de cons. Lesson 1#: film theory does not translate to good film. Just saying.

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