Seda Hergnyan

Each Citizen of Armenia "Owns" $2,000 in State Debt

According to Armenia’s National Statistical Service (NSS), the country’s state debt amounted to US$5.961 billion as of the end of February.

That’s a decrease of $9.5 million when compared to the end of January.

Armenia’s domestic debt amounted to $1.148 billion, and its foreign debt stood at $4.813 billion.

While the domestic debt continues to grow ($15.4 million or 1.4% in a month), the foreign debt shrunk by $24.9 million (0.5%).

If we accept the results of the most recent census in Armenia, showing that the population stands at 2,871,771, each citizen owns a $2,075 share of state debt.

One year ago, this number was $1,783. Two years ago it stood at $1,516, and $1,606 three years ago.