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Larisa Paremuzyan

Armenia: Djiliza Forest Under Attack

We came across at least fifty stumps of healthy trees along the road leading to the Armenian border village of Djiliza in Lori Province.

None of the stumps bore an official stamp permitting logging.

Deeper into the forest, we saw this truck with no license plate.

It seems that those responsible for maintaining the forest - HayAntar’s Djiliza and Llvar branch offices – merely brush off periodic press reports on such illegal logging.

Lori’s remaining forested lands are being pillaged at a greater rate than before.

The local police and prosecutor’s office continued to turn a blind eye to the destruction. 

It’s abundantly clear that such logging is occurring at the behest of certain HayAntar officials who see the forest as their personal source of income.

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Where are the Eco groups, the NGOs ? The environment is the most precious asset we have, our beautiful red earth, nowhere else to be found, all animals including humans absolutely depend with our lives on trees, clean air and clean water ! All poisoned now ! Where is our Green Party ?

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