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We demand that Nareg Hartounian is freed!

My true Friend! A true friend to many!  The only friend to many in need… Nareg Hartounian is one of the few "crazy" patriots of his country and a fighter for our Armenian heritage. 

Although his dedication to being an advocate of the Armenian art and culture is at times extremely difficult his passion for his county and our little ones helps him fight any misfortunate obstacles that stand in his way.  

I have known the Hartounian family for over 15 years, working with them side by side every day. One thing was always obvious - these are the people of great integrity and honor. For many years Nareg with support of his family is helping Armenia revive its culture through free art lessons, concerts and many other charitable events. This is the person that wears NO fancy clothes, drives NO fancy cars, lives in NO fancy house, but on the other hand took equity loans on his personal property and gave away millions of dollars over the years for the good cause.  

And is anyone to believe that this same art aficionado and true patriot who donates millions to the Armenian people and the family that invests millions into the economy, all of a sudden decided to cheat the government out of some pennies? This is extremely sad to see how one's love and passion for his country can be held "hostage" and used against him for personal financial gain.  

This is one of the most shameful and corrupt act by the Government apparatus that could exist in current world; the Government that would probably not be even able to touch or understand the sense of democracy, after committing such a despicable and outrageous human rights violations for its own financial profits! This is no secret - Armenian government is trying to forcefully take away all of Hartounian's assets in Armenia. What a shame! How low can a government fall for money!

We demand that Nareg Hartounian is freed! 

If the Government is indeed unaware of the wrongdoing of its own apparatus, then let them stop shaming the country and get to the bottom of it with a fair trial and a real justice as it is known to the rest of the civilized democratic world. 

Arthur Chitikian 


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Aret Madilian
Is there any way we can get in touch with Lernik Hovhannisyan and Ani Torosyan, the two lawyers of Nareg ? If anyone has their email contacts it would be much appreciated. Nareg shall be freed !
I know Nareg Hartounian personally and I'm proud of Armenians like him, who put forth tremendous effort to keep Armenia moving forward in a positive direction. Nareg does important work in Armenia and Artsakh, he supports the arts movement and gives hope and opportunity to countless Armenians around the world. Therefor, it is vital to voice any and all injustices against such individuals as Nareg , who's mere presents lifts and enlightens those around him. I implore you and insist from the bottom of my heart that Nareg is an Armenian full of passion, morality , and faith, and therefor must be free

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