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How to Free Nareg

ON Friday December 9, Nareg Hartounian, the founder of the Naregatsi Art Institute, was arrested on suspicions of tax fraud. This arrest marks yet another circumstance of an Armenian from the diaspora being harassed or swindled by the authorities or people with ties to the government. On the same day of his arrest he was tried and sentenced to serve 60 days in jail.  This complicated issue with the tax authorities has actually been ongoing for several months. Unsurprisingly, the refusal to pay a hefty sum has something to do with it.

Nareg is a fellow Armenian from the diaspora who lives and works here part of the year. He and his family have initiated multiple projects, both humanitarian and cultural, in and around Nagorno-Karabagh, even in parts of the Armenian controlled territories where he encouraged settlers to live. The Naregatsi Art Institute is a center for young, emerging artists, filmmakers, and photographers to display their works. Musicians even give concerts in the mini concert hall-like setting. Another center was opened in Shushi several years ago. See Footprints.

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Emanuel Nimrud
There are no words that can describe this despicable act of the Armenian authorities. Those Godless people are doing what the Turks couldn't do. Many Armenians from all over the world have been sacrificing their own lives for the sake of providing any type of assistance to Armenia. Nareg is one of a kind person and rare to find. The Armenian people and their cause has been the only focus of his life. I can write pages about the good things that he has done for Armenia... We can stop this ! We have to make this an international matter to stop this notorious way of extortion that has been going on by the Armenian authorities. It is our responsibility to do so to avoid more victims from falling in the hands of this corrupted system.

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