Narek Aleksanyan

60-Year-Old Diabetic Suffers Alone in a Forgotten Corner of Vanadzor

Gretel Khachatryan, a 60-year-old diabetic living on her own in a dilapidated hut in Vanadzor, needs immediate care.

Her only income is the 25,000 AMD pension she receives.

A 20-gram tube of Betadine, a cream she rubs on her swollen and pus-infected feet, costs 2,100 AMD. She can’t afford to use the cream on a regular basis.

Gretel is slowly wasting away; she’s lost a lot of weight.

After visiting local hospitals, she’s been issued permission for state-assisted medical treatment. She says it’s now too painful to walk and be admitted for in-patient care.

After her grandson died, Gretel can only rely on the kindness of neighbors who periodically visit, helping out at home.

She wants to get admitted to a hospital in June so that her condition doesn’t worsen.