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German Specialist Believes Winemaking in Armenia Has Greatly Improved

Professor Jon Hanf, who teaches business administration at Geisenheim University (Germany), believes that grape growing and winemaking in Armenia has come a long way, and that Armenia-produced wines are no longer a beverage to be consumed, but can now be said to be a pleasure to drink.

Hanf, a wine connoisseur, has traveled to Armenia twelve times since 2008, says that Armenia’s    centuries-old winemaking tradition must now bridge the gap between its history and quality to make inroads in the world wine market.

Armenia’s Ministry of Agriculture, in a press release, says   the company Semina Consulting has collaborated with the EVNWine Academy to produce a new generation of wine specialists in Armenia.

Zarouhie Mouradyan, director of Armenia’s Viticulture and Winemaking Foundation, is sure that efforts to improve the skill sets of winemakers in the country will soon meet with success.

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