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Yerevan: New Schedule for Zvartnots Airport Express Bus

The #201 Express Bus, making roundtrips between downtown Yerevan and the Zvartnots International Airport, will leave every half hour from 7am to 10pm and every hour from 10:30pm to 7am.

Passengers from Yerevan can catch the bus at the Yeritasardakan Metro, at the intersection of Abovyan and Sayat-Nova, at Republic Square (National Gallery), Amiryan Street, and on Mashtots Avenue (Pak Shuka).

The one-way fare is 300 drams.

Comments (11)

Is the bus work normally in weekend?
Jana He
Bus for the airport leaves from Yeritasardakan square frequently. Last time I took 130am service and it was fully filled. Shuttle bus timetables https://t-armenia.com/en/yerevan-airport-shuttle-bus
where i can find this bus from abovyan street and which time i can find?
can i get a bus from airport to the city center?
terry hindson
How will the place of departure be affected by the Yerevan Marathon on October 21st - I have a flight at 15.30 after the run.
JJ Chan
Hi there. I'm in Yeveran right now and I live near the Republic Square. I would like to take the airport bus 201 to the airport this Sunday, may I know where is the bus stop at the Amiryan Street? Thanks a bunch.
Brian smith
Which part of the square do the buses go to the airport from? I have just been there and cannot find the stop / picking up point.
Leendert Ovaa
From Yervan Airport to City Centre, my destination is Best Western Hotel, 1st Italy str Yerevan 0010. What is the nearest stop to go off to the hotel?
You should stop in at the Marriott Hotel and ask. We don't know the exact location on Amiryan.
It says it runs at night from Yerevan city center to airport
Does this bus also runs from airport to city center at night and where can i find this bus..how pay?
Roubi Nalbandian
Thanks for your effort.good job i highly appreciate you..good luck

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