Grisha Balasanyan

Funny Numbers: State Revenue Committee Officials Own Assets Way Out of Proportion to Income

To say that people in Armenia distrust the State Revenue Committee (SRC) would be an understatement.

SRC top officials are alleged to have used their positions to accumulate untold amounts of personal wealth.

The newly appointed the heads of five customs departments at the SRC filed financial disclosures for the first time, as obligated by law.

The disclosures of four of these five civil servants reveal assets exceeding income by tens, if not hundreds, of factors.

Vladimir Tamrazyan was appointed head of the Western Customs House Department this past June. Prior to this, he headed the Zvartnots customs department.

Tamrazyan declared AMD 400 million (approx. $820,650), $750,000, and EURO 800,000. He owns a Lexus LX 570 and a Lexus ES 250.

The son-in-law of former Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, Tamrazyan declared an annual income of AMD 2,892,214 ($5,934).

Karen Janoyan was appointed head of the Eastern Customs House Department in June. He used to work at the Gougark customs house.

Janoyan declared AMD 3million, $80,000, and EURO 55,000. His declared income was AMD 8,247,119 ($16,920).

Suren Ghazaryan, a 14-year civil servant, was appointed head of the Northern Customs House Department in June.

He declared cash assets of AMD 100 million. His declared revenue was 2,700,739 ($5,541).

Armen Sargsyan, a 19-year veteran at the SRC, was promoted to head the Araratyan Customs House Department in June.

He declared $255,000 in cash holdings. His declared income was 2,946,856 ($6,046).