Seda Ghukasyan

Pashinyan to People - Take to the Streets, They Want to Steal Your Victory

Saying that the Republican Party of Armenia wants to steal their victory, Nikol Pashinyan has called on the people to mobilize and “take to the streets”.

“Don’t stay home. Make your way to Republic Square. Choke of the streets and squares in other cities,” Pashinyan exhorted after addressing the parliament earlier today at a special session where deputies are set to vote for the country’s next prime minister.

Pashinyan, the only nominated candidate for the post, said that some were using his statement that, if elected, his government wouldn’t drastically alter Armenia’s foreign policy to stir up resentment against his candidacy.

He said that the people were demanding change on the domestic front, not foreign policy upheavals.

Pashinyan again asserted that Russia is a strategic ally of Armenia.

During his address to the parliament, Pashinyan stressed the importance of Armenia’s realties with Iran and Georgia, adding that the country’s ties to the European Union would be strengthened.

“Armenia and the Armenian people are experiencing a rebirth that is unstoppable. Today’s debate isn’t about who will be elected prime minister, but rather who shares in the people’s victory,” said Pashinyan.