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Kristine Aghalaryan

New Armenia Police Chief Drives a Mercedes

Valery Osipyan, Armenia’s new Chief of Police, will be driving a Merceded-Benz ML 350 on his off hours.

As for his other declared revenues and assets, Osipyan has declared US$1,500 in revenue from a $15,000 loan he made.

His cash holdings amount to €300 and US$300.

Lousineh Tadevosyan, Osipyan’s wife, declared no moveable or immoveable assets.

His minor children, sons Razmik and Valerie, also declared no assets in their name.

Valery Osipyan was born in 1970 in the town of Ashkhapat, had been serving as Yerevan Deputy Police Chief since 2012.

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Thanks for this information, I did not know that in Armenia, that every person's information is public domain and accessible by every one, Mr. Osipyan seams to be and he looks like a very honest man, and I hope he will stay that way, and be good to his words and start fighting the corruption in Armenia. Armenia right now needs honest, good, strong citizens. It has been said that corruption is like cancer, and we all know there is no ultimate cure for the majority types of cancers. The new Armenia and the Armenian people has to fight against corruption and build new prosperous, healthy, strong Armenia. Կետձե Մեր Նոր Հայրենիկը, Ապրի մեր անկեղեծ- հավատարիմ Հայ ժողովուրթը.

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