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Seda Hergnyan

Ministry Inspectors Uncover US$10.3 Million in Armenian State Budgetary Expenditure Violations

A monitoring report issued by Armenia’s Ministry of Finance regarding state budgetary expenditures for 2017 reveals several financial violations amounting to 5 billion drams (around USD 10.350 million)

Inspections were carried out by the Inspectorate for Financial and Budgetary Supervision of the Ministry. The Inspectorate checked the accuracy of the expenditure of state budget, special funds and other state sources paid to companies that are more than 50% state-owned and other entities.

More than 3 billion drams out of the above-mentioned amount, according to the Ministry, are subject to be refunded to the state budget, community budgets, and so on. In response to Hetq's inquiry, the ministry reported that the remaining 1.957 billion drams could not be restored or reformulated.

The report states that only 1.109 billion drams have been restored or reformulated in 2017, which is not only the sum of the violations registered by 2017 inspections, since 334.2 million drams come from the previous years’ violation records.

"As for the full recovery of the amounts subject to restoration because of recorded violations in 2017, it should be noted that the issue is strongly conditioned by the financial status of the subjected organizations, as they are mainly funded from the state budget,” says the report, adding that another 463.5 million drams have been recovered during the first four months of 2018.

The list of structures and bodies, where violations have been detected, includes three directions, with ministries, regional administrations and provincial structures, the Civil Aviation Department and others coming the first (violations amounting to 2.862 billion drams). The proper implementation of the recommendations given by the Prime Minister is the second direction, including the Public Television of Armenia, the republican and territorial administrations (violations amounting to 2.112 billion drams), and so on. The third direction are the checkups by law enforcement bodies in the Gyumri Regional State College and Azatan Medical Ambulance (violations amounting to 4 million drams).

More than AMD 2 Billion in Accounting Infractions at Armenia Public TV

The largest violations, of more than 2 billion drams, were recorded in Armenia Public Television. However, only around 321 million drams out of that amount are subject to restoration.

 The draft decision and the addendum do not provide details on the specific nature of violations. In response to Hetq’s request to provide details, the Ministry of Finance merely said that those were deviations from tax and budgetary accounting rules.

"183.6 million drams have already been transferred to the RA state budget, 132.6 million are subject to redemption, and 1.692.8 million drams are not subject to restoration, since the company has corrected the recorded shortcomings," the Ministry replied.

 Programmatic Violations

As a result of inspections in the ministries, administrative offices and provincial structures, the General Department of Civil Aviation and other structures, violations totalling 2.862 billion drams have been registered.

Health care violations amounted to 592.6 million drams, of which 421 million drams - in the Ministry of Health, particularly in programs involving provision of drugs to polyclinics, orthopedic and cortical services to disabled children, blood collection services and moreArmenian Ministry of Culture is stated to have violations amounting to 521.3 million drams, of which AMD 322 million - directly in the ministry, 106 million drams – in Yerevan Opera Theatre, 53.5 million drams - in Armenian National Gallery SNCO.

The ministry says that upon the completion of each inspection, the Minister of Finance sent letters to the certified organizations or relevant superior authorities with appropriate recommendations. The Ministry has supervised the measures taken afterwards, taking up the necessary measures, involving subjecting to liability and drawing payment timetables.


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