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Seda Ghukasyan

Sharmazanov on Manvel Grigoryan's Arrest: "They're making the Turks happy"

Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Press Spokesman Edward Sharmazanov told Hetq that yesterday’s arrest of MP Manvel Grigoryan on illegal weapons charges was politically motivated and that the retired army general rejects the charges.

“Manvel Grigoryan has so many legal weapons, why would he need to store illegal ones?” Sharmazanov asked, adding that the arrest had violated the constitution and the law.

Sharmazanov, Deputy Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly, and Vahram Baghdasaryan, who heads the RPA parliamentary faction, visited Manvel Grigoryan in jail yesterday after his arrest.

Sharmazanov told Hetq that Grigoryan’s arrest was an attempt to strike a blow against the RPA and the Yerkrapah Union. (The former is an organization of ex-Karabakh volunteer soldiers headed by Manvel Grigoryan)

“Grigoryan isn’t despondent,” Sharmazanov said. “Even the Turks couldn’t get the general to lose hope. What are they doing now? Making the Turks happy?”

Unless the Prosecutor General’s Office motions the parliament to strip Grigoryan of his immunity as a deputy, which has yet to happen, Grigoryan can only be detained for no more than 72 hours.

Comments (6)

sharmazano. you and your party sold Armenia.all of you should stand in court for bribery. theft. abuse of power. is no end to your theft you are a bunch of no conscience rascal. you should all be hang in public square
Mr. Sharmaxsnov, You and your party have zero relevancy. Please think carefully what your message is to the people. I strongly recommend that you stop using Azerbaijan as an excuse for the corrupt and selfish acts of your party members. The Turks are just as corrupt so no one cares about what you are saying. Furthermore, I recommend that you either reinvent what the Republican Party stands for with a new purpose/new members or just dissolve it. Armenian people have no interest in being governed by individuals such as Mr. Grigoryan who are devoid of human values. In fact, he only brings shame to your party and Armenia. Stop operating in the Middle Ages! The world has change. You better change with it or risk extinction!!
Worst than the Turks is you and your party, Mr. Sharmazanov. Your theft of Armenia’s assets means that Armenian elders went without social security benefits, schools went without funding, and worst of all, soldiers on the front lines went without adequate food and weaponry. You and your party are treasonous thieves who stole from your own mother. Armenia cannot stand tall against its external enemies if it tolerates internal enemies like you and it’s so-called General Manvel. Turks have been laughing at us for tolerating you jackals for so long. Go to hell.
Ինձ թվում է արդեն ժամանակն է զբաղվելու պոռոտախոս Շարմազանովով, նա կարծում է թե իր կերած բողկերը մարսելու է, փոխանակ մտածի իր կաշին փրկելու մասին, զբաղված է ավազակներին պաշտպանելով։ Իրար ծախելով ՀՀԿ վերնախավը ամբողջությամբ կանգնելու դատարանի առաջ՝ Մանվելի օրինակով։
Wait a minute, this guy Sharmazanov thinks we are bunch of idiots, let’s say this general has enough arms to start world war 3 in his house by the way, what about all the army food, rolls Roy’s, children letters to servicemen, ambulance car, documents paper, toiletries papers, army issued T shirts, and so on. With your statement you can full some people, but I think you and the party you represent are disgusting bunch of crooks, In my opinion, An Azeri, or a Turk is more pro Armenian than you or your master Serg Sarkisyan.
Dear Sharmazanov, you make me to loose hope in ARP ,your comments and actions goes against the very interest of your beloved party . Why you ( and other members of ARP ) are so reluctant to see how people like Mr. Manvel Gregorian, and many others are terminal liabilities to ARP interests. You claim that Mr M. Gregorian has so much arms and ammunition that he does not need illegal arms & ammunition , please explain to an ordinary citizen, why in a democratic country ( to be ) any body beside government organs such as army , police , should think about keeping any huge piles of arms ( except licencesed hunters in single numbers ) and even on externally rare occasions ( I can not think of one ...) then those arms and ammunition, should be under the control of army , police or government's security forces. Do you think It may be necessary for ARP to use it , one day? against whom ?I hope ARP does not have such plans. Dear Edward , take the bold step and clean the ARP of rogue members such as Mr. M Gregorian and so many others. You should not worry to be represented by say 5-10 members in parliament , people will support you on your values and corresponding actions , not how much rich your party member are or how big social pariah they may be . Garnik UK

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