Seda Ghukasyan

Sharmazanov on Manvel Grigoryan's Arrest: "They're making the Turks happy"

Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) Press Spokesman Edward Sharmazanov told Hetq that yesterday’s arrest of MP Manvel Grigoryan on illegal weapons charges was politically motivated and that the retired army general rejects the charges.

“Manvel Grigoryan has so many legal weapons, why would he need to store illegal ones?” Sharmazanov asked, adding that the arrest had violated the constitution and the law.

Sharmazanov, Deputy Speaker of the Armenian National Assembly, and Vahram Baghdasaryan, who heads the RPA parliamentary faction, visited Manvel Grigoryan in jail yesterday after his arrest.

Sharmazanov told Hetq that Grigoryan’s arrest was an attempt to strike a blow against the RPA and the Yerkrapah Union. (The former is an organization of ex-Karabakh volunteer soldiers headed by Manvel Grigoryan)

“Grigoryan isn’t despondent,” Sharmazanov said. “Even the Turks couldn’t get the general to lose hope. What are they doing now? Making the Turks happy?”

Unless the Prosecutor General’s Office motions the parliament to strip Grigoryan of his immunity as a deputy, which has yet to happen, Grigoryan can only be detained for no more than 72 hours.