Manvel Grigoryan's "Hidden Assets": Law Enforcement Uncovers Mini Arsenal and Supplies Destined for Armenian Troops in "Four Day War"

Grigoryan appropriated food, medical and clothing supplies donated by Armenians for the troops on the Artsakh frontline

Armenia’s National Security Service (NSS) has issued a statement providing details regarding yesterday’s arrest of MP Manvel Grigoryan on “illegal acquisition and possession of firearms”, describing what they found at his property as a veritable arsenal.

The NSS says it inspected two properties owned by Grigoryan – his private house in Etchmiadzin and a property he owns in the Armavir village of Arshaluys used as a summer resort.

In addition to a large cache of weapons, NSS employees also uncovered boxes of donated medical and food supplies and clothing that were destined for Armenian troops during the April 2016 “Four Day War” on the Artsakh frontline.

The NSS says it will launch an investigation as to how these supplies, donated by schools, kindergartens and individuals in Armenia wound up in Arshaluys.

Also found at the site were boxes of supplies allocated by the Ministry of Defense and clearly marked “For Soldiers”, and not intended for resale.

Grigoryan used food donations to feed animals in his personal zoo

The NSS claims that Grigoryan used the foodstuffs to feed his menagerie of animals (tigers, bears and ostriches) at his personal zoo in Arshaluys.

A variety of all-terrain vehicles and a medical ambulance, donated by representatives of the Armenian community in Russia for use by Armenian troops during the “Four Day War”, were also found at Grigoryan’s garage in Arshaluys.

The NSS says that Grigoryan registered the vehicles as “gifts from friends” and shipped them to his garage.

A number of classic and contemporary cars, several motorcycles and snow mobiles, were also found at the Arshaluys site.

The arms cache confiscated by the NSS included 18 antitank rockets, 20 mortars, 21,589 rounds of various caliber ammo, and a variety of explosives.

At Grigoryan’s Etchmiadzin house, the NSS confiscated 79 rifles and 39 pistols with factory markings and 12,300 rounds of ammunition.

Ownership documents for a score of properties were also found at Grigoryan’s house.

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