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Ani Hovhannisyan

Yerevan’s P.S. 164: Letters and Supplies to Soldiers Wind Up in Manvel Grigoryan’s House

In the video released yesterday by the National Security Service showing what was found in the summer resort home of Manvel Grigoryan, we clearly see boxes of supplies donated by students from Yerevan’s P.S. 164 destined for Armenian soldiers and letters they wrote to the troops.

None of these ever made it to Armenian soldiers serving on the frontline.

The photos below are taken from the school’s Facebook page, showing students collecting the supplies and writing letters to the soldiers.

The Ministry of Defense wrote a letter to school principal Armineh Nersisyan, thanking the students for their assistance.

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Марина Бандурян
Человек, утративший лицо... Нелюдь в человеческом обличье... Красть у тех, кто на передовой... Красть письма детей, кого защищают наши сыновья... Красть, красть и красть... Есть же предел всему. И точка.

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