Seda Ghukasyan

Maneh Tandilyan Back as Minister of Labor and Social Affairs

Maneh Tandilyan, who tendered her resignation as Armenian Minister of Labor and Social Affairs on June 12, says she’s had a change of heart and will continue in the post.

Tandilyan declared she was stepping down because of disagreements she had with other government members regarding the mandatory funded pension component of the pension system.

Her proposal to postpone such payments for one year and to hold public hearings on the matter was shot down by the Pashinyan-led government.

At a government cabinet session today, Prime Minister Pashinyan said he never accepted Tandilyan’s resignation.

“You know that I never accepted the resignation petition. We and Tandilyan have decided to continue working together on that issue that has led to intense debate. Of course, I’m referring to the mandatory pension system,” Pashinyan said.

He said talks will be held involving the justice and economic development ministries and individuals opposed to the system.

Later in the day Tandilyan, in a Facebook post, wrote that she believed there was a possibility to improve the mandatory pension system to be introduced in Armenia and that the government plans to introduce some modifications to the parliament by this autumn.