Grisha Balasanyan

Manvel Grigoryan's Company Won All Road Construction Contracts in Etchmiadzin

Manvel Grigoryan, charged with illegal arms possession and embezzlement, remains the center of public attention in Armenia.

In 2016-2018, all road construction work in Etchmiadzin was done by one company only - Kouarlin LLC - which is wholly owned by Manvel Grigorgyan. (Manvel’s son Karen served as Etchmiadzin mayor for ten years before resigning last month in the face of mounting public pressure)

Those municipal contracts netted the company some 287 million AMD (around 592,000 USD)

Manvel Grigoryan has been the sole shareholder of the company, founded in 1994 by three Arshaluys village inhabitants, since 2011.

 In 2018, the municipality signed a 125 million AMD contract with Kouarlin for the partial renovation, plowing and repairs of roads. The Etchmiadzin Municipality says the company has implemented work appraised at some 41 million AMD so far.

The road paving carried out in Etchmiadzin in recent years has been quite poor. City residents say the asphalt lasts just for one season. Former Mayor Karen Grigoryan paid attention only to the central roads to make a good impression on the city. Sometimes the same road was repaired every year. The situation is different on the secondary streets that  are full of potholes.

According to the information provided by the municipality, the area in Etchmiadzin subject to reconstruction amounts to 340,000 square meters.  

Manvel Grigoryan’s company also contracted with the Ministry of Transport and Communication

Armenia’s Ministry of Transport and Communication also signed contracts with Manvel Grigoryan’s company.

On June 21, 2016, a 34.520 million AMD(72,000 USD) contract was signed with Kouarlin LLC to asphalt an 800-meter-long road in Bambakasha, a community in Armenia’s Armavir Province.

In 2012, Grigoryan’s company was among the two companies contracted for two highway construction jobs, where each contract totaled more than 1 billion AMD. The other company, Sisian BUAT LLC, belonged to Republican MP Hermine Naghdalyan. Another contract with these two companies and Road Companies CJSC was signed in 2015, for 1.080 billion AMD.