Join Us: Hetq to Investigate Assets of Robert Kocharyan and Family

Hetq wants to investigate the assets owned by Robert Kocharyan, Armenia’s second president, and his family members.

To accomplish this, we need the assistance of you, our readers. We need to hear from those who have ties to the Kocharyan family and to businesses linked to the former president.

While Hetq has compiled, and verified, a certain amount of information in the past regarding Kocharyan family assets, conditions in Armenia today allow us to do much more. True, we still cannot get the names of shareholders of closed joint stock companies. It’s against the law. Perhaps, if the new government is able and willing to introduce a set of legislative changes making such information accessible, we could confirm much.

State investigative agencies might also be able to receive information from various banks regarding a host of murky transactions.

We’re also calling on our compatriots overseas to provide us with any information they might have regarding the assets of the Kocharyan family. Please write to us at hetq@hetq.am. We ensure the confidentiality of all submissions.

There is much talk today about the assets of former Armenian President Robert Kocharyan.  The first list purporting to show his assets was published by the Russian website versia.ru. The list below of Kocharyan family assets is a compilation of information culled from a number of sources.

  1. Artsakh Bank
  2. MAP (50%)
  3. UniBank (co-owner)
  4. ABB Bank (co-owner)
  5. Renko Construction
  6. Zangezur Copper-Molybdenum Kombinat (more than 90%)
  7. ArdShinBank (more than 50%)
  8. Converse Bank (30-50%)
  9. Kaputak Sevan Complex
  10. Nairi Medical Center
  11. Emporio Armani, Stefano Ricci, etc.
  12. H2 Television (co-owner)
  13. SAS supermarket chain (50%)
  14. Noy Cognac-Wine Plant (50%; is co-owner with Gagik Tsarukyan)
  15. Large commercial mall in Moscow
  16. Moscow casino
  17. Kocharyan family said to օwn 80% of all cell phones imported to Armenia
  18. Karabakh Telecom, MTS-Armenia
  19. Ararat Cement – 33%. Gagik Tsarukyan is a co-owner.
  20. Toyota representatives in Armenia
  21. Zvartnots International Airport
  22. HayPost
  23. Golden Palace Hotel
  24. Several diamond mines in Nigeria
  25. Erebuni Plaza Hotel
  26. Agarak Copper-Molybdenum Kombinat
  27. Roberto chain of shoe stores
  28. Buildings along Northern Boulevard in Yerevan