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Акоп Погосян

В ожидании выборов премьера (фото)

В Ереване на площади Республики, на улицах, в кафе люди следят за ходом специального заседания Национального Собрания, на котором обсуждается вопрос избрания премьер-министра Армении.

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The RPA is playing up to Russia. One reason is they hope that if they are ever prosecuted for theft Russia will give them asylum. Russia is looking on nervously. It knows that it supported the thieves in the Armenian establishment, such as the RPA. But the revolution is not aimed at Russia. Instead, the revolution knows that since the establishment has stolen from the people and impoverished the nation, Armenian has become dangerously dependent on Russia. Russia will actually be better off when this revolution succeeds. What Russia needs is an Armenian ally that is strong in every way. Russia does not need a poor Armenian slave.

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