Tuesday, 31 March
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Opinion Educating for a Better Future

21:29 | March 30, 2015
I imagine a world free of violence and oppression, where living things co-exist in a beautiful cacophony, and where compassion guides our actions and words. It may sound utopian, but I believe that the process of education can lead to liberation of the heart as well as of the mind. So I teach - at a public elementary school in Pasadena, California - and hope that the children of today may create and live in a better world in the future.

News Time for Armenia to Choose: Mining for Development or Systematic Plunder?

15:48 | March 30, 2015
It is indisputable that different aspects of themountaintop mining industry, especially the production and processing of useful metal mining, cause irrevocable damage to nature and human health, thus differing essentially from other types of human economic activity. However, the companies engaged in these activities have been insisting for a long time that so called "sustainable" mining operations cause almost no damage to the environment.

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