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Seda Ghukasyan

Armenian Health Minister Introduces Sweeping Smoking Ban

Armenian Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan has introduced a bill banning smoking from all enclosed public spaces in the country.

If passed, the bill would ban smoking within five meters of the entrances to medical establishments and schools/universities.

Smoking within the confines of community playgrounds for children would also be prohibited.

The ban would also cover national and local government offices, most army installations,  bus stop stalls, and all public transportation conveyances.

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Patel Narayan
I am very very Happy for yourself to join Armenia Gavarnment a ban on smoking Thanks very much
Congratulations Mr. Min.H. A. Torosyan !! Armenia is going ahead , socially, in health care and educationaly. Good example for youth and children. And saving money in families, I hope.
The best news I have heard whilst here in Armenia this time . Congratulations to the minister And I hope the bill is passed
The next step is to changing public image of smoking to developing a reading culture in Armenia ?

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