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Government Allocates Funds to Renovate Garni Bath House and Mosaic

The Armenian government today approved the allocation of AMD 690 million ($1.446 million) to improve the buildings housing six cultural centers in Armenia.

Targeted for renovation are the bath house and mosaic at the Garni Historical and Cultural Museum Reserve.

The H. Abelyan Dramatic Theater in Vanadzor and  the V. Vagharshyan Dramatic Theater in Goris are also slated for renovation.

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Protecting Armenian heritage is important. Tourism in EU countries skyrocketing due to to their respective governments renovation and investments policy toward their ancient monuments like Rome, Greece and France and even Russia. Most EU professionals are privatized and receive very little help from government, except educational system the rest don't hang on government balls, they work very hard and creative. Armenians have them all if they work harder and smarter.
1.446 Mio § are TOOO much ! That's wasted money, which should be invested for better professional education, especially for artisans- and cfraftman's workers like mechanics, electricians, joiners, furniture-makers , sanitary-installers, masons etc..The formation of these professions is VERY BAD, in comparison of european formation ! Hallo Mr. Minister of Education ! It¨s not vorbidden to inform yourself and your co-workers in EU or EFTA Lands, how to built a good and efficient system to form AM-youth to capable and trustfull workers ! A good TIP: look at Swizerland, they have very good system of education. ..with best regards ! ani

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