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Hartounian Press Affairs Coordinator - State Revenue Committee Wants to Seize Company Assets

Mariam Mughdousyan, press affairs coordinator for the Hartounian family, says that tax evasion charges levelled against the directors of   GH Storage Enterprises by the State Revenue Committee SRC) is merely an attempt to appropriate the assets of the family.

Mughdousyan argues that the manner in which the case is proceeding is ample proof of the nefarious aims of the government agency.

She points to the fact that on June 22, 2011, SRC inspector Rafayel Mkrtchyan confiscated eight computers at the company’s offices and well as personal computers.

Mughdousyan says that the company has made several requests for the computers to be returned. More than seven months later, the computers and their hard drives remain in the possession of the SRC.

She says that the computer data has been thoroughly inspected but the SRC has balked on its promise to return them.

In her press release, Mughdousyan notes that when GH Storage Enterprises director Sevak Arzaruni left the firm, he took one of the company’s computers with him but that the SRC has never seen fit to seize it.

She says that this computer had all the pertinent financial data regarding the company and that the SRC examiners should be tracking it down rather to get at the truth of the case.

Arzaruni was managing GH Enterprises at the time of the alleged tax infractions, Mughdousyan argues, and should be the focus of the SRC’s attention.

She says that the SRC is out to damage the company as well as to hold onto the computers worth around 1.5 million AMD.

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Duly noted and corrected. Thanks.
Explanatory Note
Ms. Mughdousyan is not the Hartounian family lawyer, but their spokesperson. -- What she is mainly saying here is this : the computers of GH Storage Enterprises have been seized by the authorities for the purposes of an investigation regarding an allegation of some kind of tax evasion. -- However, said allegation relates, expressly and on the textual basis of the indictment itself, to the actions and/or omissions of Sevak Arzaruni, during the specific period when the latter was the director of GH Storage Enterprises. -- Therefore, if the aforesaid investigation is serious, then Arzaruni's computer should have been also seized, while that has not happened. --- This is another demonstration that the tax evasion allegations are unfounded, and their aim is to put undue pressure on the Hartounian family, for other reasons (at a minimum, to force them to pay a grossly inflated and exaggerated tax assessement). --- Thank you for your attention.

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