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Amulsar: Investigative Committee to Drop "Info Withholding" Case Against Ministry Officials

Armenian Investigative Committee Chairman Hayk Grigoryan said today that a July 2018 case against Ministry of Nature Protection officials, charged with withholding information regarding the dangers of chemical contamination of the environment if the Amulsar mine were to operate, would be dropped.

Grigoryan made the announcement before the start of today’s government cabinet session, arguing that there was no reason to indict anyone.

Yesterday, the Armenian translation of an environmental impact assessment (EIA) regarding Amulsar was made public. The original English EIA was completed last month.

Grigoryan has summarized the EIA’s findings as positive and claims that Amulsar mine operator Lydian CJSC is ready to implement all measures recommended in the report designed to decrease any risks to the environment.

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