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Pashinyan Congratulates Teachers: You Will Determine Armenia's Future

Today is Teacher’s Day in Armenia, and, on the occasion, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan issued the following congratulatory message.

Dear Teachers,

I warmly congratulate you on your professional holiday, Teacher's Day.

Your role in passing on and educating generations is invaluable, as the development of knowledge, skills, and abilities is important in the new Armenia.

In the new Armenia, the teacher and the school should not just set the task of transmitting information to the child but should prepare the next generation to take off and achieve much higher goals and results, to build a prosperous future for the Armenia of tomorrow. It means that it is up to you and your serious job to determine what tomorrow's Armenia will look like.

As of September 1, the salary of 38,000 teachers in the republic has increased by 10%. This process will continue as the government must focus on the education sector and the issue of continuous improvement of the quality of education.

Dear Teachers,

I congratulate you once again on Teacher's Day, wishing you good health, happiness and much success at work.

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