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Araks Mamulyan

Cases of Three Defendants in EU Grant Embezzlement Scandal Sent to Court

The cases of another three Armenian national implicated in the EU grant embezzlement scandal that rocked Armenia when the revelations first surfaced in 2016 have been sent to court for prosecution

The amount of the EU grant money to Armenia that was initially found embezzled amounted to some € 535,000.

2015 investigations by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) uncovered a scheme through which NGOs had fraudulently pocketed  EU funds for projects that never took place, supported by false invoices and on the basis of fake participant lists.

Eleven individuals were intially implicated in the embezzlement scheme. That number rose to nineteen. 

The cases of Teresa Dilanyan, Angela Avetisyan and Gegham Petrosyan have been sent to court.

Petrosyan is a former State Revenue Committee Chief of Staff.

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Tamara B.
€535,000... such an impressive sum for Armenia; how many beneficial things could be done for our country with this money! Yet they all have been stolen... And then the Armenian government and businesspeople wonder why the country doesn't get as many foreign direct and portfolio investments as they would like to see. Of course, if such cases happen on a regular basis, no one foreign state or organization will invest in Armenia. The fact that this case is directly related to the EU, one of Armenia's key trade partners, makes things even worse. This all happened in 2016, though; I hope Pashinyan's government won't allow such chaos to take place anymore, not to spoil Armenia's foreign economic relations course!

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