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Armenian Education Ministry to Set Up Student Council

Armenian Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports Arayik Harutyunyan has instructed the ministry to set up a student council to ensure the involvement of school pupils in the process of general education reform and to hear what schoolchildren think about the issues facing schools in Armenia.

The issue of having a student council at the ministry was raised by schoolchildren during a meeting with the Minister Harutyunyan.

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Katya Hovnanian-Alexanian
Minister Arayik Harutyunyan Ministry of Education Science Culture and Sport Vazgen Sargsyan 3 Yerevan, 0010 November 21, 2019 It is a pleasure to write to you today on behalf of the United Student Council which focuses its efforts to create a bridge between government and students and to amplify their voices in society. I founded the organization in March of 2019 with the help of board members and students from different schools. USC partners with many organizations throughout Armenia as well, creating volunteer and project opportunities for students. A few organizations we have been in discussions with are: Armenia Tree Project, Children of Armenia Fund, Teach for Armenia, Orran, to name a few. Our NGO has multiple high school students from Yerevan signed up and others from different regions of Armenia, including Karabagh, Dilijan, and Armavir. USC's mission is to mobilize Armenia’s youth into community service and have our voices heard within the government. I have had the opportunity to discuss USC's plans with many highly respected and progressive educators in Armenia, who advised me to first build up United Student Council and after to consult with you to form a partnership with the government for public schools. Yesterday, on International Children's day, I was pleased to hear on the Armenian news channels that the very same concept of United Student Council NGO was embraced by your ministry. I would love my team to work together your team, as I find it necessary for this council to be organized and created by the youth. I believe a partnership with United Student Council and the government would spark intrigue among high school students because it should be student-led. Our combined resources will create a nationwide movement within the youth of Armenia. This past summer, one of USC’s board members, Serob Khachatryan, mentioned that UNICEF had tried to create this type of organization in the past and had failed because it was NOT led by students. Indeed, the whole purpose is to empower our youth and help develop our leadership skills and community activism. I suggest that your team and USC organize a meeting with UNICEF, Children of Armenia Fund and some of USC board members to see if we can’t all work together to make our similar goals a reality. Respectfully yours, Katerina Hovnanian-Alexanian Founder and President of United Student Council

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