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Diana Ghazaryan

Armenia Proposes Reforming Teacher Selection Process

Armenia’s Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports plans to make changes in the procedure for selecting a school principal.

The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports suggests that schoolchildren and teacher and parent councils participate in the process of selecting a principal since they are participants in the educational process.

Under the proposed change, candidates for the post of school principal will meet with students to develop a curriculum, and members nominated by teacher and parent councils will discuss the candidate's development plan in their councils with the candidate's participation. If the candidate for the director's competition does not appear at the discussion, they cannot participate in the announced competition.

Follow the discussion, voting will be held in teacher and parent councils. These results of the voting during the competition are mandatory for the members nominated for the vacant position of the director during the competition for the members nominated in the Board of Pedagogical and Parental Councils. Members will be required to vote for a candidate approved by the Pedagogical and Parents' Councils, and in case of non-election of candidates by the councils, the members nominated by the council are free to vote.

In addition, the school principal will be elected by open ballot by a majority vote of the total number of board members. According to the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, this change will exclude possible attempts by members of the Board of Directors of teacher and parent councils to direct or exert pressure and make the voting process more transparent and responsible.

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