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Artsakh Human Rights Defender: Anti-Armenian Sentiment Rampant in Azerbaijan

Artsakh Human Rights Defender Artag Beglaryan today, in a Facebook post, described the protests in Azerbaijan yesterday calling for war with Armenia and the liberation of Karabakh as further proof of the depth and scale of anti-Armenian sentiment in that country.

Here’s what Beglaryan wrote.

Rallies in Azerbaijan calling for war and anti-Armenian slogans once again showed the depth and scale of anti-Armenianism in that country.

However, of main interest was that the Azerbaijani authorities, with both feet, are stuck in the swamp of their "cherished" hatred of Armenians. The accumulated hatred and the use of the "Karabakh" card are increasingly turning against them.

It is interesting to analyze the rates and volume of the coronavirus spread there after days of mass rallied days, their impact on the frontline and the economy ... I would not be surprised if the state propaganda machine blames Armenians for the coronavirus spread.

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