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Seda Hergnyan

Armenia's National Debt Hits US$7.967 Billion

Armenia’s national debt, how much the government owes it creditors, rose by US$30 million in August and now stands at $7.967 billion.

The country’s external debt now stands at $6.057 billion and the domestic debt at $1.910 billion.

At the end of 2019, Armenia’s national debt amounted to $7.324 billion.

Most analysts believe the ratio of debt to gross domestic product is more important that the dollar amount of debt.

Armenia's government debt accounted for 53.5 % of the country's Nominal GDP in Dec 2019, compared with the ratio of 55.7 % in the previous year.

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Wake up Armenia. Do not allow your debts to mount uncontrollably. Be prudent and electrify your economy and DO NOT DEPEND ON ANY COUNTRY PERIOD, what's more and very carefully avoid the chinese syndrome and manipulation. Do not leave yourself open.

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