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Diana Ghazaryan

Armenian Defense Ministry Silent on Reports that Azerbaijani Forces Have Captured Artsakh Village

Armenian Ministry of Defense representative Artsrun Hovhannisyan, at a press conference today, neither confirmed nor denied reports that Azerbaijani forces had captured the Artsakh village of Mataghis.

He said he could not talk about changing positions of the frontline or any tactical specifics.

When asked to comment on Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s claim that Azerbaijani forces had indeed captured the village, Hovhannisyan replied, “People will say what they want.”

 "I don’t think that specifying exactly who, at what moment is holding what position, is that important. Intense battles are being waged, stubborn battles, and positional changes happen very often, both forward, backward, right and left. Let's not dwell on the particulars," said Hovhannisyan.

Hovhannisyan did not comment on reports about any captured soldiers.

Neither did he confirm or deny reports of Azerbaijani military equipment and personnel concentrations allegedly observed along the entire border of Armenia.

"Along the entire border of Armenia with Azerbaijan, yes, there are clusters of   troops and military vehicles. We are sure that mercenary terrorists brought from different places are in them," he said.

Photo: archive/mil.am.

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why did Artsakh not lay MINES on the border ? It would be justified by such honnorless ,decadent invaders !! And WHY is Putin NOT helping Armenia ?? He has many troops stationned in AM : what for exactly !? SHAME on ALL so-called "christian " countries that are NOT supporting Artsakh !! CURSE on you !!
Artsakh historically is an Armenian territory that Russia gave to Azerbaijan unjustly. Russia has blood on its hands just as much as Turkey. This aar is Erdegan written all over it, his evil tentacles reaching out across the ME and stupid Alyev is his puppet. The Syrian men will die without getting a penny.

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