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Seda Hergnyan

Women Entrepreneurs Display Their Wares in Yerevan; Proceeds Earmarked for Armenian Army

Teresa Gharabaghtsyan, a clothing manufacturer in Armenia, has displayed samples of her products at a small booth today at Yerevan’s Loft Center.

She’ll donate the proceeds to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund for disbursement to the army.

Gharabaghtsyan and about forty Armenian women entrepreneurs are participating at the "Women Entrepreneurs Stand with Soldiers" charity event selling a variety of products from food, beverages, teas to clothes, souvenirs and toys.

The businesswoman sells her wares under the "Teress" brand. She started manufacturing clothes five years ago.

Alex Mirzoyan, the creative director of the Loft Center, says that after the announcement of the event on social media, many women entrepreneurs expressed a desire to participate. Some were turned away due to the small size of the space.

"By participating, our women stand by our soldiers. There are new start-up businesses and well-known Armenians brands here. The fair will last until late in the evening, until the flow of visitors stops," Mirzoyan tells Hetq.

Gayaneh Khachatryan, who sells her teas, chocolates and souvenirs under the "Apricot" brand, also has a booth here. 

Fifty women are involved in the production process.  Khachatryan emphasizes that when hiring, she gives priority to people with disabilities. "Apricot" was originally founded on the principle of giving people with disabilities the opportunity to work.

Most of her items are purchased by foreign tourists.

The ceramic products of Mane Tiles are also on display.

"We’ve been making ceramic tableware, tiles, souvenirs and mosaics for twenty years. We joined the initiative of our friends, hoping to have enough sales to be able to help our friends on the border, protecting our backs,” says Ani Gorgyan, the company’s marketing and sales head.

Svetlana Babayan started producing children's toys five years ago. She decided to turn her passion into a business five years ago and founded Hoosh Toys to produce environmentally friendly toys.

Babayan says she applied for a space at the exhibit several times until she was accepted.

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mahmouzian mihran
Teresa where do we get your shirt please address or phone the same goes for Mane tiles let us know your address or store thank you

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