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Artsakh President, Defense Minister Visit Country's Southeastern Front

Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan and Minister of Defense Jalal Harutyunyan today visited the southeastern section of the country, where the Azerbaijani military has managed to get a temporary toehold, and met with local defense units.

Harutyunyan, in a FB post, writes that they discussed what steps must be taken stop Azerbaijani aggression and “to inflict irreparable enemy losses”.

"We discussed on the spot the main things that should be done to stop the enemy's impudent and aggressive actions, to inflict irreparable losses on him.

Harutyunyan praised the valor of Armenian Defense Army soldiers and the militia protecting the country.

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Where is the counter offensive? Yes i understand that everything so far is a defensive move to protect lives and limited hardware.. Large counter offensive is the answer. Destroy everything Azeri.. The south east is strategic because after that is a small sliver of Armenia Siunik and to the west of that is Nakichivan with large Turkish troop stationed basically chokinh Armenia itself. The Turks are rearming the southeast with more mercenaries and Turkish special ops as we speak. Where are the Armenian troops? We hear about retaliation without mercy. Cant say that without action. Otherwise its nothing but talk..Im not saying its easy. The consequences of inaction are 10x worse however.. GOD BLESS THE ARMENIAN ARMY. We should all be there to fight.

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