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Shushan Stepanyan Resigns as Armenian Defense Ministry Spokesperson

Armenian Defense Ministry spokesperson Shushan Stepanyan announced on her Facebook page that she was leaving her post. Stepanyan wrote the following.

Dear compatriots!

Dear colleagues!

My dear followers!

I am the daughter of freedom fighter Shahen Stepanyan, who fought on the entire southern front during the First Artsakh War and died in liberated Fizuli. Born in Hadrut, my attitude to this war was also very personal. I accepted the outcome of the war not only as a representative of the Ministry of Defense, but also as a personal loss.

I think that at this difficult time for the homeland, there is the need for officials who will not make decisions based on emotions, who will look at events professionally, and will work to their full potential. This is something I will not be able to do at this time.

I am grateful that you were at my side and supported me during these difficult days. We have tried to be guided by the laws of the information struggle, to provide information that should be given to a society at war, by written and unwritten rules. If I have succeeded in anything, I consider you my main motivation, for which I am incredibly grateful.

The Armenian army will still be the flag bearer of national victories.

Mourning is eternal if there is no struggle.

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