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Narek Aleksanyan

106 Years and 44 Days: Yerevan Art Project Seeks to Break the “Silence”

To mark the 106th anniversary of the 1915 Armenian Genocide and the 2020 44-day war in Artsakh, painter Mariam Mughdusyan placed 150 handmade paper red tulips in a circle around the statute of Komitas in a downtown Yerevan park.

Mughdusyan says that remaining silent in the face of such crimes is tantamount to being complicit to the injustices committed. She read out messages, addressed to the international community and foreign ambassadors, calling for action to recognize and condemn both crimes.

Mughdusyan said she chose the handmade flowers because they grow on stone, which symbolizes the constant difficult struggle for the existence of the Armenian people.

During the installation, a recording of the Nairyan Vocal Ensemble’s "Silence – Speak Up Now” project was played.

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