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Gayane Hovsepyan

Foreigners Must Stay in Armenia for Ten Days to Get Covid-19 Vaccine

Given the large number of Iranian citizens travelling to Armenia to receive Covid-19 vaccines, Acting Armenian Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan today announced that foreign citizens must stay in Armenia for a minimum of ten days to get vaccinated.

"The change in these conditions is related to the quantities of our vaccine and expected receipt of new expected batches. If new batches are received, vaccination regulations might be revised," Avanesyan said.

The minster did not clarify how the new regulation, which takes effect today, will be implemented and whether non-Armenian citizens will have to verify the duration of their stay in the country

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This was a good decision because in the last few days we can saw lot of foreigners in northern avenue who were sleeping there, and they all come for free vaccinations. I think in this way we can increase a little bit the tourism in Armenia and not buying vaccinations for the others.

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