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Gayane Hovsepyan

Amalia Margaryan

Russian Troops Man Section of Armenia-Azerbaijani Border in Tavush; No Official Comment Available

The Russian military has set up a checkpoint in the Voskepar border community in Armenia’s Tavush Province. A local resident told Hetq that Russian troops are building small housing units in the area

When contacted by telephone, Tavush Governor Hayk Ghalumyan would only say that Russian servicemen are monitoring the border and “have the right to do so.”

He hung up when pressed to clarify why the need arose to have Russian troops there.

Hetq also contacted Noyemberyan Mayor Karen Abazyan for comment. Abazyan said he learnt of the existence of Russian troops from Voskepar residents and internet reports.

“No one officially told me anything," Abazyan said, noting that he had visited the village which is an administrative district of Noyemberyan.

Hetq telephoned Samvel Asatryan, Head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces’ Information Department, and Ministry of Defense Spokesperson George Altunyan for clarification, but to no avail. The calls didn’t go through, citing they were “unavailable”. 

Newly appointed Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vahan Hunanyan, also hasn’t answered our phone calls. 

Hetq also tried to get a comment from the government, but the press service did not respond to our calls.

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first putin sells all kind of weapons to azerbis, and when these killed a high number of (Artsakh-)armenians, than Armenia cries putin for help , and so, the russians can invade slowly but surely all Armenia : an evil double-play // EU-watchers

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