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Armen Mirzoyan

Azerbaijan, Turkey Hold Military Exercises in Lachin

Azerbaijan and Turkey have launched joint tactical military exercises in Berdzor (Lachin) region of Artsakh, this according to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry.

“During the exercises, special attention was paid to improving the skills of using modern military equipment and other military means in difficult terrain,” the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reports.

Photo: Berdzor, Narek Aleksanyan / Hetq

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Tony Martin
Tigran Danielian you talk the talk but can you walk the walk. Without the Russians protecting you Karabakh would already be totally under Azerbaijan control in practice as well as in law. This will now happen as soon as the Russians leave in 4 years. If you don't like it and as you say the war is not over, you can fight of course but unless you are really delusional you must realize that that is suicide. Wake up and face reality fellow. Enough people have died for your hop3eless lost cause.
Tigran Danielian
Tony Martin or who ever you are, Armenians will never become citizens of Azerbaijan. Turks have no right to be on our lands and Artsakh is, always has been, and always will be Armenian. Don’t forget that. Don’t start thinking that this war is over.
Tony Martin
Just a reminder to the Armenian residents of Karabakh that they need to make a choice. They can live freely in their homeland if they wish but they will have to become Azerbaijan citizens to do so. If they don't want to do that then they will have to leave. Azerbaijan has made it very clear that this is not negotiable and these are their only options and the sooner the Armenians reconcile themselves to that the better for them. They could fight of course but that did not work out well for them last year and Azerbaijan has made it very clear that they are prepared to fight to the last Armenian to prevent Karabakh independence. All the revanchist comments are just sad wet dreams and wilful stupidity as no one who matters cares!
Roberto from Brazil.
Where Pashinyan is hiding?

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