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Gayane Hovsepyan

Armenian Government Allocates $89K to Assist Political Parties; Ruling Party Gets $55K

The Armenian government will allocate 43.258 million AMD (US$89,000) this year to assist political parties and alliances that received 3% or more of the votes cast in the June 20 National Assembly elections.  

26.7 million AMD ($54,896) will be allocated to the Civil Contract Party, 10.4 million AMD to the Hayastan Alliance, 2.5 million AMD to the With Honor Alliance, 1.9 million AMD to the Prosperous Armenia Party, and 1.5 million AMD to the Republic Party.

In June, the Hetq Media Factory, published a report detailing the cash donations received by the parties and alliances fielding candidates in the election.

Pashinyan’s ruling Civil Contract Party received $890,000 in campaign donations, followed by the Hayastan Alliance ($601,000), and the With Honor Alliance ($478,000).

Data on what the parties/alliances spent during the campaign is unavailable.

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