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Gayane Hovsepyan

Armenia: Carcenogenic Asbestos Slates Dumped in Dalarik Gorge

Asbestos, regarded by many countries as carcinogenic, remains widely used in Armenia.

In Dalarik, a town in the country’s Armavir Province, the roofs of residential homes are being replaced under a subsidy program.

The old roofs, covered with asbestos slates, are being dumped in a nearby gorge.

Hetq telephoned Dalarik Mayor Alik Poghosyan for clarification. When Poghosyan realized who was calling he failed to respond.

On September 23, Hetq wrote to the Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body, asking whether it knew that asbestos slates were being dumped in the gorge.

In response, the agency said that staffers of its Armavir office visited the site yesterday to monitor the situation and that administrative proceedings will be enacted.

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