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Tatevik Shaljyan

RA Court of Cassation Throws Out Zhamanak Newspaper's Appeal

The RA Court of Cassation threw out the appeal of the newspaper Zhamank which sought to overturn a lower court verdict of September 9, 2011

In the original case, Tatul Manaseryan sued the newspaper for slander and defamation.

 Zhamanak daily newspaper had published an article according to which former advisor to Chairman of the RA National Assembly Tatul Manaseryan was charged with usurpation. The newspaper wrote that one of the eyewitnesses of another criminal case had testified that Tatul Manaseryan had given him money with an interest rate.

Today’s decision by the Court of Cassation sustains the lower court’s ruling that Zhamanak must pay Tatul Manaseryan 510,000 drams and refute the information about him that was released in September 2010.

 It must also mention that there is no criminal case against Tatul Manaseryan and that he is not involved in usurpation.

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