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Amalia Margaryan

Armenia: Three Parties Running Candidates in Noyemberyan Municipal Council Election

Three parties will vie for votes in the December 5 municipal council election in Noyemberyan, a town of some 5,000 in Armenia’s northern Tavush Province.

The new council will then elect a mayor in the recently enlarged Noyemberyan community.

The parties running candidates in the election are Civil Contract (Kaghakatsiakan Paymanagir), Country of Living (Aprelu Yerkir) and Alliance of Defenders of Democracy for the Republic (Hanun Hanrapetutyan Zhoghovrdavarutyan Pashpanneri Dashink).

Civil Contract’s ballot is headed by Karen Abazyan, the former head of Noyemberyan community, deputy Karen Abazyan.

Arsen Aghababyan, former head of the Koghb community, heads the Country to Live ballot.

Businessman Mher Aghamyan heads the Alliance of Defenders of Democracy for the Republic’s ballot.

Top photo (from left): Arsen Aghababyan, Mher Aghamyan, Karen Abazyan

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