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Seda Ghukasyan

Armenian Opposition MP Says Pashinyan's Presidential Candidate is Unacceptable

Following today’s statement by the Armenian parliamentary opposition that it will boycott the vote to elect Vahagn Khachaturyan, the government’s candidate for the post of president, Hayastan faction MP Agnesa Khamoyan told journalists that “the opposition cannot vote for a candidate who will rubber stamp Pashinyan's decisions."

The Hayastan and With Honor factions today announced they will not participate in the vote to elect Khachaturyan.

Khamoyan told journalists that Khachaturyan has stated that he will follow Pashinyan’s directives.

“Pashinyan, during his last interview, said that he wants to guarantee harmony within the pyramid of power. Khachaturyan can be elected with only sixty-five votes. Thus, Pashinyan will be able ensure the uninterrupted work of his power position,” Khamoyan said.

Pashinyan’s Civil Contract faction has a ruling majority of seats in the parliament.

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