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Seda Ghukasyan

Armenian Parliament's Defense Standing Committee Head Says Lasting Peace Requires Reopening of Transportation Links

Antranik Kocharyan, Chairman of the Armenian National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Defense and Security, today said that Armenia must reopen transportation links with its neighbors to achieve sustained peace.

“Our state cannot withstand the growth of dangerous geopolitical developments without achieving regulated relations with our strategic partners and neighboring countries,” Kocharyan said in parliament.

Kocharyan said that Armenia must recognize the steps taken by the main players in the Caucasus, analyze them, and most importantly, be realistic.

He said that Armenia, by learning lessons from the past, will concentrate its national and scientific potential and will try to start producing competitive weaponry.

“"In order to achieve lasting peace, to ensure the full security of the state, we need to exhibit unity, tough logic and prudence, while not forgetting the past,” Kocharyan said.

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