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Seda Ghukasyan

Armenian Foreign Ministry "Invites" Belarus Ambassador to Meeting Over Lukashenko Remarks

Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan today said that he “invited” the Belarus Ambassador to Armenia to meet with him and discuss recent remarks by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko that many in Armenia found unacceptable.

Lukashenko, During a two-hour interview with Russian journalist Vladimir Soloviev on February 4, said Armenia has no real choice but to join the union state initiated by Moscow and Minsk.

"Armenia can't escape it. You think anyone needs them? They have already seen it," Lukashenko said, adding that Nikol Pashinyan has already grasped this fact.

Mirzoyan was asked about Lukashenko’s remarks at a parliamentary Q&A session today.

Mirzoyan said this wasn’t the first time that Lukashenko said something sparked   controversy and analysis amongst Belarus’ partners.

"We strongly believe that these statements are aimed at serving the internal political agenda of the President of Belarus, which has nothing to do with the foreign policy agenda,” Mirzoyan said, adding that he told the Belarus ambassador that statements emanating from Minsk should be more respectful.

Mirzoyan described Belarus a “friendly” country.

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