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Seda Ghukasyan

Kocharyan: Regime Change In the Cards, Public Discontent Growing

Former Armenian President Robert Kocharyan, at a Yerevan press conference today, said the number of people dissatisfied with the Pashinyan government is growing but hasn’t reached a critical mass to implement regime change.

“In Yerevan, 42% cannot stomach this government. The latest polls are from the American organization. Only 14% unequivocally accept this government. This is a political time bomb for the government. It is approximately the same ratio among the youth,” Kocharyan said referring to July 2021 public opinion survey conducted on behalf of International Republican Institute and funded by the USAID.

"In my estimation, the situation has not yet matured to be able to take large masses to the streets. We really need a large crowd. We do not want to disappoint our supporters," said Kocharyan, who heads the main Hayastan opposition bloc.

The former president said the current government will not leave without a “street struggle” and that when it occurs the main aim must be to oust the Pashinyan administration and not to install this or that politician at the country’s helm.

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