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Seda Ghukasyan

Pashinyan Says Azerbaijan Might Make Territorial Claims Against Armenia

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, at the National Assembly today, said Azerbaijan might try to derail the peace process and use the occasion to launch further aggression against Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Pashinyan made the statement during a discussion on how his government is implementing its national agenda.

The Armenian Prime Minister said Baku might use the border delimitation process to make territorial claims against Armenia.

“Understanding all the challenges, we concluded that standing at the same point, not ensuring some progress in the process, not only doesn’t reduce but also exacerbates the risks. Therefore, we agreed in Brussels to set up an Armenia-Azerbaijan bilateral commission on border security by the end of April," Pashinyan said.

He said the commission will have some authority to monitor the border situation, as well as the opportunity to come up with a specific proposal to increase border security and stability.

“We are currently working on the commission’s make-up, and we should finalize it by April 30, at the latest.”

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Dikran Koloyan
God protect Armenia from this idiot PM.

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