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Seda Ghukasyan

Armenian State Supervision Service Head Says Opposition Incapable of Ousting Pashinyan

Armenian State Supervision Service (SSS) Head Romanos Petrosyan believes anti-government protests are doomed to fail given that the bulk of society doesn’t back attempts to oust the Pashinyan government.

"The parliamentary opposition forces have been on the streets for more than a month. They weant to jump start certain processes but can’t attract more than a few thousand people,” Petrosyan told reporters today at the National Assembly.

He said that most people are too knowledgeable to join the protesters.

Peytrosyan called on opposition MPs to end their boycott of parliament.

The SSS, operating as an adjunct of the prime minister’s office, sees to it that the decrees and decision of the government are implemented in a timely and efficient manner.

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Mariam Hovanesyan
Because the police force being bribed (aka bonus) to take Pashinyan side.

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